More women in the House

(Image: Pridon Goisashvili)

(Image: Pridon Goisashvili)

Kicking off the new year and heading into next week's Women's Marches across the country, I've got this piece in January's NJ Monthly about some New Jersey women jumping into the 2018 congressional races.

Voters in New Jersey have sent just six women to the U.S. House of Representatives -- ever. That could change this coming November:

If any of these candidates get the nomination in the Democratic primaries in June, and win in November, they’ll join a New Jersey congressional delegation that, like most state delegations, has been woefully lacking in female members.

Voters here have elected just six women to the House of Representatives. The most recent, Bonnie Watson Coleman, a Democrat, has served New Jersey’s 12th District since 2015.

Read on to see why these are quickly becoming races to watch.